Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly
Our Eco Friendly BIG WIPES

Quick and easy cleaning and kinder to the environment.

The pressure is on all of us to make our environment a safer and healthier place for us to live in. With the aim of creating a practical way to natural cleaning, BIG WIPES has created products that not only give you all the benefits of our wipes cleaning power and convenience, but also allow you to focus on your health and that of the planet.

Our "Eco friendly" wipes can be used as a direct substitute for all cleaning applications and are also

ideally suited for applications involving the removal of non hazardous substances where they can be disposed of in the normal waste or composted with 'biodegradable' waste where these facilities exist.

BIG WIPES Eco wipes are derived from natural plant-based products only and are 100% biodegradable. The wipes are not tested on animals and use refillable or recyclable packaging.

We are proud to introduce BIG WIPES Eco friendly range, just as effective as the original BIG WIPES range and kinder to the environment.