Product Categories

Industrial Wipes

A range of industrial-strength wet wipes for a vast range of cleaning applications. Unique in their ability to clean paint, adhesives, silicone, epoxy, PU foam, oil, grease & more.

Industrial+ Wipes

The legendary cleaning power of Big Wipes Industrial in a super-tough dual-sided scrub & clean fabric to remove the most stubborn grime.

Industrial Bio Wipes

Industrial strength cleaning for hands, tools and surfaces and kinder to the environment. Our Industrial Bio wipes have been designed to offer the same all purpose cleaning power of our other Industrial wipes. Biodegradable fabric and formula.

Automotive Wipes

A highly effective solution to suit just about all cleaning jobs inside and outside your car or van. From thorough cleaning of the dash to effective exterior cleaning and crystal-clear mirrors and glass.

Household Wipes

A range of premium, highly-effective cleaning wipes for all surfaces and applications around the workplace or home; from glass & mirrors, to stainless steel and floors.

Office Wipes

Ideal for quick cleaning and sanitizing of equipment all over the office and shared work space. From phone sanitizing to CD/DVD and laptop cleaning and protection.